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QuickStick 135 Temporary Mounting Wax

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  • Brand: SBT
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  • SKU: DIS7310
  • Model: 135
  • Country of Manufacture: Canada
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 135
  • Manufacturer: SBT
  • Listed By: Barb
QuickStick 135 Temporary Mounting Wax

QuickStick is a temporary mounting wax, with a melting point of 135°C, used to bond samples during processing. It is a crystal clear wax with high hardness and strength, which makes it ideal for diamond wheel cutting, wire saw cutting, abrasive slurry cutting, ultrasonic cutting, lapping and polishing etc. It is recommended for use with semiconductors, optical material, ceramics and metals with small contact area. It is soluble in acetone and methylene chloride, but resists most other common solvents.

Acetone Soluble- Ideal for high purity work
Low Melting Point - Flows at 135°C
Crystal Clear - Good for applications utilizing transmitted light

This temporary mounting wax is used in a variety of applications to bond samples during a processing application. After processing, the mounting wax is washed away in acetone leaving no residue.

Typical applications include:
Single Microscopy Sample Preparation
Single Crystal Mounting
Metallurgical Applications
Wire Sawing
Grinding and Polishing
Ultrasonic Cutting

Thermoplastic polymer. Softening point is 71°C (160°F). Flow point is 135°C (275°F). Viscosity at flow point is 6,000cps. The color is crystal clear and it dissolves in acetone. QuickStickT comes 20 sticks/tray and it weighs approximately 350 gram. Each stick measures 3"(L) x ¼"(W) x ¼"(H) (76 x 6 x 6 mm).

See photos for more details
QuickStick 135 Temporary Mounting Wax
QuickStick 135 Temporary Mounting WaxQuickStick 135 Temporary Mounting Wax