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Omron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LA

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  • Brand: Omron
  • Condition: New
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  • SKU: DIS7519
  • Model: R88D-UP12LA
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Manufacturer Part Number: R88D-UP12LA
  • Voltage Rating: 100/115 VAC
  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Serial Number: 609352-2
  • Listed By: Barb
Omron AC Servo Driver
Type R88D-UP12LA
Serial: 609352-2

Source 100/115 VAC
Motor 200 W

Servo Drivers control the power supplied to AC Servomotors with pulse-train input signals and perform precision position control.

Control Functions:
Controls the position and speed of the Servomotor very precisely with pulse-train input signals. Anyone of the following 3 pulse trains can be selected: forward/reverse pulses, feed pulses/directionalsignals, or 90 differential phase (A/B phases) signals

Electronic Gear:
FunctionThe number of pulses used to rotate the motor is calculated by multiplying the number of commandpulses by the electronic gear ratio. This function is useful in the following kinds of cases.
-When you want to finely adjust the position and speed of two lines that need to be synchronized
-When you want to increase the control pulse frequency of a controller with a low pulse frequency
-When you want to set the movement/pulse to a certain amount, such as 0.01 mm/pulse
The electronic gear ratio is set with parameters G1 and G2 (G1=numerator and G2=denominator).The setting range for parameters G1 and G2 is 1 to 65,535. The setting range for the gear ratio is0.01 to 100, i.e., 0.01 x G1/G2 x 100.

Pulse Smoothing Function:
Even high-frequency commands can be executed smoothly by including acceleration/decelerationin the command pulses. The same setting is used for both the acceleration and deceleration times,and the setting range is 0 to 64 ms.

Reverse Mode:
Forward/Reverse commands can be switched in the parameters, without changing the wiring to themotor or encoder.

Brake Interlock Output:
Outputs a timing signal interlocked with the motor’s ON/OFF status and rotational speed. The hold-ing brake of a motor with a brake can be operated reliably

Computer Monitor Software:
The special Servo Driver Communications Software allows parameter setting, speed and currentmonitoring, I/O monitoring, auto-tuning, and jog operations to be performed from a personal com-puter. It is also possible to perform multiple-axis communications that set the parameters and moni-tor the operation of several drivers. .

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Omron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LA
Omron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LAOmron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LAOmron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LAOmron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LAOmron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LAOmron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LAOmron AC Servo Driver/ Type R88D-UP12LA