ZIRCAR Ceramics’ MICROSIL Microporous Insulation is an incredible insulation material. Having thermal conductivity an order of magnitude lower than ceramic fiber materials, MICROSIL can be an integral part of numerous unique and demanding thermal management applications with temperatures as high as 950°C (1742°F).
MICROSIL is a combination of ultra-fine silica powders, inorganic refractory opacifiers and specially processed reinforcing materials. Compacted under tons of force to form a lightweight yet rigid structure MICROSIL offers maximum insulation in a minimum amount of space, saving weight and more importantly energy.
MICROSIL’s unique tight microporous structure works to minimize conductive, convective and radiant heat transfer as its billions of nano-pockets block and reflect heat energy – like mirrors – back to its source.
MICROSIL is nearly immune to thermal shock. It is completely non-combustible in accordance with standard DIN 4102 Class A1 and can be stored indefinitely in dry conditions. MICROSIL’s microporous structure is adversely affected by water, oil, alcohol and other liquids.

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