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Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225

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  • Brand: Gilmont
  • Condition: New
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  • SKU: DIS7615
  • Model: GF-6540-1225
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Manufacturer Part Number: GF-6540-1225
  • Manufacturer: Gilmont
  • Listed By: Barb
Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225
• Correlated and directreading all in one easy-to-read meter
• Accuracy up to ± 2% of reading!
• Interchangeable scales—customize yourapplication
• Extremely low pressure drops—ideal for procedures with critical pressure values

• Correlated and Direct Readingin one easy to use flowmeter.Each meter includes correla-tion charts for air and waterand two direct-reading scales—an air scale and a water scale.Easily change between corre-lated and direct-reading scalesdepending on your application.Meters are available in 65mmand 150mm scale lengths.Each direct-reading scale ind-cates flow rates in metric andEnglish units, for both glassand stainless steel floats understandard operating conditions.Use the new GF-4000 softwareto create your own customscales.

• Excellent Accuracyis achievedwith our second-generationcorrelation techniques and thefactory calibration of the tube.Accuracy can be expressed asa percent of reading—not offull-scale! With correlated use,accuracy is ±2% of reading or±1% scale division, whicheveris greater. With direct-readinguse, ±2 divisions accuracy is±5% of reading or ±3 mm onscale, whichever is greater. Allflowtubes have serial numbersfor traceability to calibration,accuracy, and manufacturingdata.

• Quality Industrial Designensures use in most toughapplications. The clear polycar-bonate front shield provides a90°view of the scales on thestainless meters.Meters are designed for easyflowtube exchange or replace-ment. The end stop has a largediameter to let you center theflowtube quickly and moreaccurately than most flowme-ters. All flowtubes are inter-changeable within the sameframe size. Call our ApplicationSpecialist to order a replace-ment flowtube or to upgradeyour unit.Mount flowmeters on a panelor on our flowmeter base.Invert frame for vacuum applications or when backpressure compensation isrequired.

• Advanced Metering Valvesare available with GILMONT®flowmeters. The shallow taperdesign gives you linear controlover 80% of the usable range.Valves are 14-turn

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Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225
Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225Gilmont 0-100 Glass Float/ GF-6540-1225