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Keyence LS-5121 Sensor Head

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  • Brand: Keyence
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  • SKU: DIS9322
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LS-5121
  • Manufacturer: Keyence
  • Listed By: Bill

Keyence LS-5121 Sensor Head
New Old Stock - box was opened to take photos.

Specs from the Manuf Website:
Type: Wide Range
Applicable controller: LS-5501/LS-5001
Transmitter/receiver distance: 400 +/- 100 mm, 1,000mm max
Measurement range: 0.8 to 120mm
Smallest detectable object: 0.8mm
Repeatability: +/-  µm max
Meaurement accuracy: +/- 8 µm max.
Laser scan rate: 1,200 scans/sec
Laser scan velocity: 504 m/sec
Laser scan range: Approx. 124 mm

See photos for more details.

Keyence LS-5121 Sensor Head
Keyence LS-5121 Sensor HeadKeyence LS-5121 Sensor HeadKeyence LS-5121 Sensor HeadKeyence LS-5121 Sensor Head